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Gate Scheme Hull

Boothferry Road Gate Order

Gate scheme hull

Gate Scheme / Gate Order

In Hull, alley areas that suffer from high levels of crime or antisocial behaviour may benefit from being closed at certain times (such as a night or during weekends).

Particular areas of interest are 10 foot or 20 foot alleyways behind rows of houses.

We have worked with a number of residents who have had the go ahead from Hull City Council, East Riding Council and other local councils and helped them secure these alleyways.

This is one scheme that we worked on with residents down Boothferry Road, we manufactured and installed 2 sets of galvanised steel gates and a galvanised steel pedestrian gate, to secure the back of these properties. With padlock entry and all residents having sets of keys to open said padlock.

If you are interested in working toward setting up a gating scheme/gating order on an alleyway that accesses your property please speak to your neighbours and local council, and we can competitively quote to secure these areas.

Hull City Council website quotes:

How we decide to make a gating order
Gating orders can be made in relation to any highway for which we are the highway authority, if we are satisfied that the –

  • premises adjoining or adjacent to the highway are affected by crime or antisocial behaviour
  • existence of the alley is helping people to commit crime or antisocial behaviour

Gating orders are reviewed on a yearly basis.

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Gate Scheme Hull