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Advantages of Electric Gates

We discuss the advantages of owning electric gates

Advantages of Electric Gates

By In Blog On August 11, 2014

To try and help our clients decide whether choosing an automated gate system is for them. We have listed the advantages of electric gates:


The first and foremost advantage of having electric gates is the increased level of security at your property. If you live in the countryside at the end of a long winding driveway, it can be surprising how many people venture down your private driveway – even without you knowing. And if you live in a built up area, having electric gates is the first level of security to stop any unwanteds trying to access your vehicles or your property. Owning a set of electric gates is most definitely a deterrent for potential break-ins.


As well as keeping unwanted out, electric gates can also helped keep children and pets in. Having an electric gate at the end of your driveway can help massively from keeping your children or pets from venturing out onto busy roads.


There is nothing more frustrating then arriving home from a long days work and having to get out of your car at the end of your driveway to manually open them, return to your car, drive through, get out your car and manually close them. Having a gate transmitter or using one of our GSM systems means opening and closing your driveway can be as easy as a click of a button, or a call from your mobile phone!

Adding Value

Having an electric gate at your property is more than likely to increase the value of your house when you plan to re-sell it. A good security system is always a worthwhile investment that will not only benefit you, but will increase the appeal to a potential new owner.

Enhancing your property

First impressions almost certainly do count, and electric gates are likely to be the first thing someone encounters when coming to visit you at your home or business. A lovely looking set of timber or steel gates with an easy to use intercom system will almost certainly ensure that the person visiting you will be suitably impressed.